5 Fun Activities For Bearded Dragons

5 Fun Activities For Bearded Dragons

Hey there fellow bearded dragon owners! Have you been looking for ways to keep your bearded dragon entertained and strengthen the bond between you two? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’re exploring five fun activities that you can do with your bearded dragon.

From taking walks and playing with a ball to watching movies and listening to music, you and your bearded dragon will have plenty of fun. We’ll also provide tips to ensure that your bearded dragon stays safe and healthy during these activities.

So, let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

  • Bearded dragons can engage in a variety of fun activities, including walking, riding, swimming, playing with toys, and handling by their owner.
  • A well-balanced diet with calcium and Vitamin D is crucial for their health, and observing their eating habits can indicate shedding or other issues.
  • Bearded dragons can be entertained by watching TV, listening to music, reacting to certain sounds, and exploring their surroundings.
  • Owners should always prioritize their pet’s safety, supervise them during swimming and roaming, and avoid introducing them to other pets or letting them run around carpeted rooms.

Walking and Handling

Sprinkler Boy
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You can strengthen the bond with your bearded dragon by taking it for walks and handling it with care! Walking and riding are great activities and can help your bearded dragon explore its environment as well as exercise.

When walking, make sure to always supervise your pet and keep it away from any dangers such as cars or other animals. When handling, make sure to be gentle and always wash your hands after contact. This will help your bearded dragon to become more comfortable with you and build trust.

It’s important to remember that bearded dragons should never be introduced to turtles as they could be a safety hazard. Be sure to also keep an eye on your bearded dragon around other pets and make sure they are never left unattended.

Feeding and Health

Feeding your bearded dragon a well-balanced diet with essential vitamins and minerals is key to keeping them healthy and active.

Dubia roaches are a good food option, and observing their eating habits can indicate if they are shedding.

Bearded dragons require calcium and Vitamin D as part of their diet. A lack of appetite may indicate that they are dehydrated or going through a seasonal change.

If you’re concerned, take your bearded dragon to the vet for a checkup. You can vary their diet if they’re in good health but not eating.

Make sure to always wash your hands after handling your reptile.

Entertaining Options

Providing stimulating entertainment for your reptile can keep them entertained and content. Bearded dragons can watch TV and listen to music, and can also be engaged by roaming around the house and looking out the window. They prefer warm environments and can lounge by the window for hours.

You should keep an eye on your bearded dragon around other pets, but they can enjoy watching movies and certain video games. Engaging your bearded dragon in activities such as climbing/jumping off things and reacting to certain sounds can also be fun.

Be sure to keep their safety in mind while having fun – avoid letting them run around carpeted rooms, and always supervise them while swimming.

Sitting with your bearded dragon and gently stroking their heads and backs can also be a great bonding experience. With a little bit of creativity, you can find plenty of activities to keep your bearded dragon entertained and happy.

Swimming and Toys

Our bearded dragon playing Xbox
Credit: Katie and Cory

Supervising your reptiles while they swim and play with toys can create a strong bond, and watching them splash around can be an exciting sight. Bearded dragons love to swim, but it’s important that you supervise them while they do so.

Place some toys in the water for them to enjoy, such as floating balls or rubber ducks. You can also take them for a ride in the shallow end of the pool or let them roam around in a shallow kiddie pool. Make sure to keep an eye on them when they’re in the water, as they may try to hide or go too deep.

Playing with toys is another great way to keep your bearded dragon entertained. Try offering them different items to interact with such as balls, puzzles, and other toys. They can also be trained to do tricks with treats, and this is a great way to bond with them.

Always be sure to offer them items that are safe for them to handle and keep an eye on them while they play.

Swimming and playing with toys can be a great source of entertainment for your bearded dragon and can strengthen the bond between the two of you.

General Tips

Make sure to give your pet plenty of mental stimulation, as they can get restless living in a terrarium. Wash your hands after handling any reptile, and always have fun with your bearded dragon while keeping its safety in mind.

For instance, you can sit with it and gently stroke its head and back. This strengthens your relationship with your pet.

You should also let it roam around the house and watch TV or listen to music. Bearded dragons can even react to certain sounds and climb or jump off of things. Just remember to keep an eye on them around other pets.

Taking your dragon out for a walk or swim can be a fun activity, too. Just make sure you supervise them while they’re in the water.

Lastly, readers have shared additional fun activities they do with their bearded dragons, like watching movies or playing video games.


You and your bearded dragon can have a lot of fun together! Taking walks, feeding them healthy snacks, watching movies, and playing with toys all help to create a strong bond between you and your pet.

Just remember to supervise them while swimming and be aware of their surroundings when they’re outside their terrarium.

With these tips in mind, you and your dragon will have all the enjoyable activities you need to keep your friendship strong. So go ahead and have some fun – your dragon thank you for it!