Why Is My Bearded Dragons Skin Wrinkles

Why Is My Bearded Dragon’s Skin Wrinkles?

Bearded dragons are a popular pet choice due to their friendly nature and low maintenance needs. However, when caring for these reptiles, it is important to pay close attention to changes in their skin. One of the most common signs of stress or illness in bearded dragons is wrinkles on the skin.

This article will explore the causes of skin wrinkling, signs of healthy skin, potential health issues that can be associated with this condition, and treatment options available for bearded dragon owners concerned about wrinkles on their pet’s skin.

Skin wrinkling in bearded dragons can occur both as an age-related change or as a result of underlying health problems. It is important for owners to understand why this happens so they can take appropriate measures to ensure their pet’s comfort and well-being.

In addition to understanding the causes behind wrinkled skin, it is also important to recognize signs of healthy skin so that any changes can be addressed quickly before further damage occurs. Potential health issues that could cause wrinkles should also be discussed as well as treatment options available for addressing them.

Causes of Skin Wrinkles

Pete, The Bearded Dragon
Credit: Bryan

Skin wrinkles can be caused by a variety of factors, and understanding these causes is essential to ensure the long-term health of the reptile.

Fecal impactions or shedding cycles that are incomplete due to humidity levels being too low can cause skin wrinkling.

Calcium deficiency or vitamin deficiencies, as well as temperature changes, hydration levels, nutrition choices and stress factors from environmental changes can also contribute to the appearance of wrinkles in a bearded dragon’s skin.

Signs of Healthy Skin

Sandfire the Bearded Dragon
Credit: Tim Payne

A healthy bearded dragon should exhibit signs of smooth and supple skin. Environmental stress, shedding process, diet choices, water intake, and humidity levels can all impact the condition of the dragon’s skin.

Regular preventive care such as bathing habits and monitoring substrate type can help to reduce bacteria on the skin which can lead to wrinkles. Temperature control is also important for keeping a healthy environment that encourages healthy skin growth.

Potential Health Issues

Potential skin issues can arise in a bearded dragon if environmental conditions, shedding processes, and dietary choices are not maintained properly.

Poor diet, improper humidity, stress, dehydration, and lack of UV exposure can lead to an array of problems such as fungal infections, bacterial infections, parasites, and mites.

Shedding problems due to low humidity or poor nutrition can also be a cause for concern.

All of these issues should be taken into consideration when caring for a bearded dragon as they can lead to health complications down the line.

Treatment Options

Treating potential health issues in bearded dragons requires a comprehensive approach that includes proper diet, humidity levels, and UV exposure. Lack of hydration can lead to skin wrinkles due to dehydration, so it is important for owners to ensure their dragon has access to fresh water at all times.

Poor nutrition can also cause skin wrinkles because the necessary nutrients are not supplied for optimal health.

Vitamin deficiencies can be addressed with vitamin supplements and an improved diet. Sun exposure helps ensure a healthy vitamin D3 level which is vital for optimum growth and development.

Bacterial infection, mites infestation, temperature fluctuation, shedding problems, and stress response can all contribute to skin wrinkles in bearded dragons; these should be addressed through veterinary care if necessary.

Lastly, the shedding cycle should be monitored for any irregularities as this too can play a role in skin wrinkling.


In conclusion, skin wrinkles on bearded dragons can be caused by various factors. These include dehydration, poor nutrition, and insufficient environmental humidity. It is important to ensure their habitat has the correct temperature and humidity levels in order to prevent wrinkling of the skin.

Signs of healthy skin include smoothness, elasticity, and a lack of visible wrinkles or folds. If a bearded dragon’s skin appears wrinkled or dry, it may indicate an underlying health issue that should be addressed as soon as possible.

Treatment options can range from dietary changes and supplementation to humidifiers and other environmental modifications.