About Our Team

Welcome to jeffreyyounggren.com! We’re thrilled you’ve taken the time to stop by our corner of the internet. Our website is a dedicated space to the fascinating world of bearded dragons. Our mission is to offer comprehensive and credible information on everything related to these incredible creatures.

We’re fueled by our passion for reptiles and strive to share this passion by providing a one-stop platform for all things related to bearded dragons.

At Jeffreyyounggren, we consider the journey of exploring and understanding these beautiful creatures to be as enriching as owning them. Founded and spearheaded by Dr. Jeff Younggren, our mission is to offer trustworthy information based on rigorous research, expertise, and years of practical experience.

Meet Our Team

Jeffrey Younggren, Ph.D. – Founder & Chief Researcher

Dr. Jeff Younggren, the founder of jeffreyyounggren.com, holds a Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology from the prestigious Stanford University. Though a seasoned forensic psychologist, his lifelong fascination with bearded dragons led him to shift his focus towards studying these remarkable creatures. His knowledge spans across bearded dragon behavior, morphs, species, breeding, and health. With jeffreyyounggren.com, he brings his extensive research to your fingertips, offering a deep, thorough understanding of bearded dragons for hobbyists and professionals alike.

Marc Bekoff – Reptile Diet Specialist

Next on our team is Marc Bekoff, our expert Reptile Diet Specialist. Marc holds a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Master’s degree in Animal Nutrition from Cornell University. His passion for reptiles and extensive knowledge of their dietary needs make him an invaluable member of the jeffreyyounggren.com team. Marc oversees the dietary information we provide, ensuring it is both accurate and easy to understand.

Patricia McConnell – Reptile Health Specialist

Patricia McConnell, our Reptile Health Specialist, is a renowned herpetologist with a Ph.D. in Reptile Physiology from Harvard University. Patricia’s focus on reptile health ensures that our readers receive the most accurate, up-to-date information on maintaining the health and well-being of their bearded dragons. From diagnosing common health problems to preventive care, Patricia’s comprehensive approach to reptile health is a critical part of our mission at jeffreyyounggren.com.

Nicholas Dodman – Reptile Enclosure and Behavior Specialist

Nicholas Dodman is our Reptile Enclosure and Behavior Specialist. He boasts a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Oxford and a Master’s degree in Animal Behavior from Cambridge University. Nicholas’s area of expertise lies in understanding and designing bearded dragon enclosures that align with their natural behavior and habitats. He ensures that our site provides practical advice and creative ideas to build enriching environments for bearded dragons.

Our team at jeffreyyounggren.com is here to share knowledge, create community, and nurture the incredible bond between humans and reptiles. With our expertise, we aim to make bearded dragon care easy and enjoyable. Join us on this journey as we dive deep into the world of reptiles, their care, and their world.