How To Put on Bearded Dragon Harness

How To Put on Bearded Dragon Harness: A Simple Solution

Putting on a harness for your bearded dragon can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! With a few simple steps, you can easily learn how to put on a harness for your pet and be ready to take him for a walk around the house or outside.

With the right type of harness, you can be sure your bearded dragon is safe and secure while enjoying the time spent exploring with you. This guide will help you understand the basics of putting on a harness for your pet and provide you with the confidence to take those first steps with your new companion.

The Importance of Using a Harness for Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragon Close Up
Credit: John F Taylor

Bearded dragons are popular pets due to their docile nature and ease of care. However, many owners may not realize that these reptiles can be surprisingly fast and agile when they want to be. Without proper restraint, it’s easy for a curious or scared bearded dragon to bolt away from their owner and get lost or injured.

That’s where a harness comes in handy – it allows you to keep control over your pet while still allowing them the freedom to explore their surroundings. A harness ensures that your bearded dragon stays close by and minimizes the risk of them getting into dangerous situations such as encountering predators or ingesting harmful substances.

Furthermore, using a harness is also beneficial for the mental health of your pet. Bearded dragons thrive on mental stimulation, sunlight exposure, and exercise – all things they can enjoy while wearing their harness outside!

By taking regular trips outside with them harnessed up comfortably, you’re providing essential physical activity as well as environmental enrichment which helps reduce boredom in captivity. Overall, using a harness is not only practical but recommended for any owner planning outdoor activities with their scaly friend.

Preparing for Harnessing

bearded dragon
Credit: James Picht

Gather necessary materials such as a harness, leash, and treats

Before starting the harnessing process, it is important to gather all the necessary materials. You will need a harness specifically made for bearded dragons, as well as a leash to attach to the harness.

Treats can also come in handy during this process as positive reinforcement. Make sure to choose treats that are safe for your pet and easy to handle while you are putting on the harness.

Create a calm environment for your bearded dragon by turning off any loud noises or distractions

Bearded dragons can easily get stressed out by loud noises or sudden movements, so it is important to create a calm environment before beginning the harnessing process. Turn off any music or television that might cause distractions and make sure there are no other pets or people around that might startle your bearded dragon.

This will ensure that your pet is relaxed and more likely to cooperate during the harnessing process.

Once you have all of your materials gathered and the environment is calm, you are ready to begin acclimating your bearded dragon to wearing a harness. Remember that patience is key when working with any pet; take things slow and allow them time to adjust at their own pace.

Getting Your Bearded Dragon Comfortable with the Harness

Introduce the harness to your bearded dragon by letting them smell and inspect it

The first step in getting your bearded dragon comfortable with a harness is to introduce them to it. Place the harness in their enclosure or where they spend most of their time so that they can investigate it on their own.

This will allow them to get used to its scent, texture, and overall appearance. It’s also important not to force the harness onto your pet since this can create a negative association with it.

Gradually acclimate your pet to wearing the harness by placing it on their back for short periods of time

Once your bearded dragon has had a chance to investigate the harness, you can begin acclimating them to wearing it. Start by placing the harness on their back for short periods of time, making sure not to fasten it yet. This will allow your pet to get used to how the harness feels on their body without being restricted.

Gradually increase the amount of time that your bearded dragon wears the harness until they are comfortable wearing it for extended periods. You can also use treats as positive reinforcement during this process, rewarding them when they show comfort or interest in wearing the harness.

It’s important to remember that every bearded dragon is different and may require more or less time before becoming accustomed to wearing a harness. Patience and consistency are key in ensuring that both you and your pet have an enjoyable outdoor experience together while keeping them safe.

Putting on the Harness

Now that your bearded dragon is comfortable with the harness, it’s time to put it on. The key here is to make sure you have the right size harness for your pet so that it fits snugly but not too tight around their body. A harness should fit just like a T-shirt, and you should be able to fit a finger or two between the harness and your pet’s skin.

Place the Harness Over Your Bearded Dragon’s Head

The first step in putting on the harness is to place it over your bearded dragon’s head. You want to make sure that their head fits comfortably through the opening before adjusting it further. Be gentle and patient during this process, as some pets may not be used to having things placed over their heads.

Adjust the Harness to Fit Snugly

Once you’ve placed the harness over your pet’s head, gently adjust it so that it fits snugly but not too tight around their body. Make sure that all straps are lying flat against their skin and not twisted or bunched up. You don’t want any part of the harness rubbing against their skin or causing discomfort.

Secure the Leash to The Harness

The final step in putting on a bearded dragon harness is securing the leash to the appropriate clip or loop on the harness itself. Make sure that this is done correctly so that there is no chance of your pet slipping out of their leash during outdoor adventures.

Allow Your Pet To Walk Around in A Safe Area While Supervised

Once you have successfully put on a bearded dragon’s harness, allow them to walk around in a safe area while supervised. This will give them a chance to get used to wearing the harness and leash before venturing out into more open areas.

Remember, always keep a close eye on your pet while they are harnessed and never leave them unattended. With patience and practice, putting on a bearded dragon harness can become an easy task that will keep your pet safe while exploring the great outdoors.

Tips for Successful Harnessing

Use Positive Reinforcement

One of the most effective ways to get your bearded dragon comfortable with wearing a harness is to use positive reinforcement. This can include treats or praise whenever you put on or adjust the harness.

Start by offering a treat to your pet before putting on the harness, so they associate it with something positive. Once the harness is on, give them more treats and praise to reinforce that wearing it is a good thing.

Monitor Your Bearded Dragon Closely

Always keep an eye on your bearded dragon while they are wearing the harness, especially when outside. Make sure that it fits well and isn’t causing any discomfort or rubbing against their skin. If you notice any issues, take off the harness immediately and check for any signs of irritation or injury.

Avoid Leaving Your Pet Unattended While Harnessed

It’s essential to never leave your bearded dragon unattended while they are harnessed. They could easily become tangled or injured if left alone for even a short period of time.

Always supervise them closely while they are wearing the harness, and make sure that you can quickly remove it if needed. Using positive reinforcement such as treats or praise when putting on and adjusting the harness is an effective way to get your pet comfortable with it.

Always monitor your bearded dragon closely when harnessed and never leave them unattended while wearing it. With these tips in mind, you can safely enjoy outdoor activities with your beloved pet!


Putting a harness on your bearded dragon is an important step in keeping them safe during outdoor adventures. Remember to take things slow and be patient when acclimating your pet to the harness. Always use positive reinforcement and closely monitor your bearded dragon while they are harnessed.

Benefits of Harnessing Your Bearded Dragon

Using a harness on your bearded dragon has numerous benefits. It allows them to safely explore the outdoors, get fresh air and exercise, and experience new sights and smells. Additionally, it creates a bond between you and your pet as you engage in an activity together.

Common Mistakes When Harnessing Your Bearded Dragon

Many people make mistakes when first trying to put a harness on their bearded dragon. Some common errors include not fitting the harness properly or leaving it on too long. Others may forget to supervise their pet while they are harnessed or rush the training process, causing stress for their pet.

The Joy of Outdoor Adventures with Your Bearded Dragon

Once you have successfully trained your bearded dragon to wear a harness, outdoor adventures can bring joy for both you and your pet. Whether it’s a trip to the park or just lounging in the backyard, being outside with your beloved reptile can create lasting memories that deepen your bond.

Harnessing a bearded dragon might seem daunting at first, but with patience and practice, it can become an enjoyable activity that benefits both you and your beloved pet. We hope these tips will help guide you in safely introducing this new adventure into yours and your pet’s lives!