bearded dragon seeing ghost

Can Bearded Dragons See Ghosts

Do bearded dragons see ghosts?

Could our beloved pets actually be able to perceive something we can’t?

It takes more than just curiosity to answer such a deep-seated question – you need evidence as well!

09/03/2023 – Update

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that bearded dragons can see ghosts. While they have good eyesight and can detect movement, they do not have the ability to see in the dark as cats do.

Some people may believe that their bearded dragon is reacting to a ghost or other supernatural presence, but this is likely due to other factors such as shadows or sounds.

What Does Bearded Dragons Vision Look Like

Bearded dragons have a fascinating vision. They can see in full color, but their eyes are specially adapted to detect movement above all else.

The bearded dragon has excellent vision and is capable of seeing in all colors, including reds, greens, blues, and purples.

As a result of having their eyes on the sides of their heads, they are able to see better than humans.

To see color, bearded dragons use four cones in their eyes, while humans use three.

They have a unique eye structure with a rectangular pupil and a large number of rods and cones, allowing them to see well in the distance.

This is because they need to be able to spot predators quickly and react with speed! Their wide field of view also allows them to observe a lot of things at once, which is great for keeping an eye out for danger.

The bearded dragon’s vision isn’t perfect though; they don’t have the sharpest vision around, so anything far away will likely appear blurry to them.

But what about ghosts?

It seems unlikely since there’s no scientific evidence that supports it.

However, some people may say otherwise due to anecdotal stories from owners claiming that their pet has reacted strangely when something invisible was present.

Ultimately, we don’t know if bearded dragons can see ghosts or not – but even if they could, it wouldn’t matter much as most ghost sightings aren’t dangerous anyway!

What Can Bearded Dragons See?

Well, they have excellent vision and can make out objects up to 30 feet away. They have a wide field of view which allows them to easily spot potential predators or prey from a distance.

Bearded dragons do possess very keen senses though and can pick up on subtle changes in their surroundings such as an increase in temperature or humidity levels.

This helps them survive by spotting potential dangers before they get too close. In addition to this, they use their sense of smell when hunting for food and locating mates.

How Do Bearded Dragons Show Fear?

Knowing how a bearded dragon shows fear is important because it helps us ensure our pet’s safety and well-being.

When scared, bearded dragons will show their discomfort in the following ways:


  • Hiding behind objects or under furniture
  • Tucking their heads into their chest
  • Raising their arms up as if ready for battle


  • Making hissing sounds when approached by a perceived threat
  • Grunting or puffing out its throat


  • Refusing food
  • Becoming aggressive toward other animals or people

It’s important not to react harshly or scold your dragon when they display these behaviors.

Doing so may only worsen the situation and make them more likely to become fearful in the future.

Instead, try to provide an environment where your dragon feels safe and secure. You could do this by providing hiding spots or reducing noise levels around your home.


It’s impossible to know for sure if bearded dragons can see ghosts, but what we do know is that their vision does give them a unique ability to detect potential threats in the environment.

Though they may not be able to actually ‘see’ ghosts with their physical eyes, bearded dragons may still exhibit signs of fear when sensing something strange or unexpected happening – especially if it involves sudden motions or loud noises.

When this happens, they might tuck their heads back into their shells and freeze up as a protective measure until whatever frightened them has gone away. This could potentially indicate that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to these fascinating creatures!