Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cottage Cheese?

No, bearded dragons cannot consume cottage cheese or other dairy products. Because they cannot digest dairy, it is best not to feed them any cheese, yogurt, or milk.

Bearded dragons require a diet that consists of appropriate fruits, vegetables, and insects in order to meet their nutritional requirements. While cheese may be an excellent source of calcium for humans, it is not suitable for them.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cottage Cheese?

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Benefits of Cottage Cheese for Bearded Dragons

Cottage cheese is a good source of protein and can provide some calcium for bearded dragons. Protein is essential for the growth and development of these reptiles, as well as for maintaining their overall health. Cottage cheese is low in fat, which can be beneficial for bearded dragons that are prone to obesity.

Considerations for Feeding Cottage Cheese to Bearded Dragons

While cottage cheese does offer some nutritional value, there are a few considerations to keep in mind before including it in your bearded dragon’s diet.

Firstly, it is important to remember that bearded dragons are primarily insectivores and thrive on a diet consisting of live insects, leafy greens, and a small number of fruits. Their natural diet does not consist of dairy products, so cottage cheese should be considered an occasional treat rather than a staple food.

Secondly, cottage cheese contains dairy, which may be difficult for bearded dragons to digest. Some reptiles, including bearded dragons, are lactose intolerant and may experience digestive issues if given dairy products.

It is important to monitor your bearded dragon closely after feeding them cottage cheese and watch for any signs of discomfort or digestive upset.

Alternatives to Cottage Cheese

If you’re looking for alternative calcium sources for your bearded dragon, there are several options that may be more suitable than cottage cheese. Calcium can be provided through the use of calcium supplements specifically formulated for reptiles.

Bearded dragons can obtain calcium from their diet of calcium-rich insects such as crickets and mealworms. Dusting these insects with a calcium supplement before feeding them to your bearded dragon can help ensure they are getting enough calcium in their diet.


In conclusion, while cottage cheese can provide some nutritional benefits for bearded dragons, it should be fed in moderation and with caution. Due to the lactose intolerance of some reptiles, it is important to closely observe your bearded dragon after feeding them cottage cheese and be aware of any digestive issues that may arise.

It is always recommended to consult with a veterinarian or reptile specialist before introducing any new foods into your bearded dragon’s diet to ensure their health and well-being.