Do Bearded Dragons Love Their Owners?

Bearded dragons are amazing creatures that can bring joy and companionship to their owners.

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But do bearded dragons actually love their owners or is it just a show of affection?

The answer is, Yes. Bearded dragons love their owners. Similar to a dog or cat, they can become attached to their owners. They may appear highly affectionate by nuzzling them or engaging in physical contact.

In this article, We’ll look at what experts have to say about beardies and their relationship with people.

They Enjoy Being Handled By You

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Bearded dragons may be small creatures, but they have huge personalities!

They are active and curious by nature, Beaded dragons can form strong bonds with their owners. Just like a dog or cat, bearded dragons enjoy being handled too.

Their scaly skin is surprisingly soft and the gentle stroking of your hand can leave them feeling soothed and content.

When picking up your dragon, it is important to introduce yourself first by gently touching it.

Start slowly. Rather than pressing or holding it tightly, keep your hands steady as you support its weight until it feels secure enough to explore further.

Once comfortable, let your dragon roam around freely if possible – this exercise helps build trust between both parties and encourages positive interaction for both of you to share in.

They Watch You

Yes, bearded dragons do watch their owners closely, they keep track of your every movement and watch your behavior to know if you can be trusted!

I know this from personal experience. My own little dragon loves when I come in and talk to him. He always watches me as I move around the room, following my every action with his eyes.

He also likes it when I bring him treats or toys. His favorite is a crinkly paper toy that makes noise when you shake it – which of course, he does all day long once he gets hold of it. Even if there are other people in the room, he always seems drawn back to me for attention and affection.

Spending quality time together will make the bond stronger between you and your beardie friend over time. Don’t try to push it, give your beardie enough time and space to create trust. Only then you can form a good friendship.

They Prefer You Over Strangers

The bond between a bearded dragon and its owner is quite extraordinary. Unlike other pets, they can recognize their caretaker through sight or sound. They can only trust their caregivers which is why bearded dragons only prefer their owners around them.

When you approach your pet, it will often stop what it is doing and look toward you with curiosity and excitement.

Bearded dragons also show signs of affection towards their owners in various ways:

  • Through Body Language:
  • Lowering head when touched by the owner
  • Tilting head up as if asking for more attention
  • Opens mouth wide while hissing – this form of greeting means “hello”
  • Through Interaction:
  • Licking at hands or face as cats do
  • Basking under the warmth of an arm around them

This strong connection makes it clear that bearded dragons prefer being with their trusted companions rather than any stranger. It is truly remarkable how devoted these creatures can be. After spending time with one, there is no mistaking the fact that they make wonderful friends!

They Lick You

Bearded dragons sometimes show affection by licking. When a bearded dragon licks you, it means he likes you. Licking is an expression of trust between the dragon and its owner.

They rarely lick any stranger or family member they don’t know well. This behavior shows how much your pet trusts you and loves being around you.

Their tongue feels like sandpaper against your skin as they give gentle licks to show their appreciation for spending time with him.

Your beardie friend may even nibble softly on your finger which can be quite ticklish!

The more often you spend time together, the more comfortable he’ll become with showing this type of affection.

They Enjoy Resting On Your Shoulder

Source: istockphoto+Pavlina Popovska

Bearded dragons love to rest on their owner’s shoulders. They sit on your shoulders to express their happiness and show they’re safe and happy with you.

It’s like a dragon-human hug!

I can tell you from experience, watching my own bearded dragon do this is one of the most heartwarming things in the world.

The best part about having these gentle reptiles as pets is all the little moments spent together; bonding with them while they rest on your shoulder really helps build a strong relationship between you two.

After all, building trust is essential for any successful owner-pet bond – no matter what species they are!

How To Get Closer With Your Bearded Dragon?

Taking care of your bearded dragon gently and slowly can help you bond with it. You can also lure and reward them throughout the day with treats. Bearded dragons enjoy baths. You can stimulate your bearded dragon with simple toys like small balls, water floaties, tunnels, and cat wands.

First of all, It’s important that you spend quality time together. Make sure to interact and play with your beardie every day.

Besides, feeding and bathing your pet on a regular schedule gives them security and stability. If possible, follow the same schedule each day, which helps you develop a stronger bond.

With patience and lots of loving care from their owner, bearded dragons can come to enjoy being held close by their human family member just as much as we enjoy having them around!

Do Bearded Dragons Have A Favorite Person?

Bearded dragons, like any pet, can form a bond with their owners. They may even have a favorite person that they look to for comfort or companionship.

It’s possible that bearded dragons recognize the people who feed them and provide care on a regular basis.

The signs of affection from your bearded dragon could include rubbing against you, licking you, and seeking out your attention when they are feeling lonely or scared.

If your bearded dragon has taken an interest in you and seems to prefer spending time with you over other family members, it’s likely that this is because of the special connection between the two of you.

However, It’s important to remember that there is no guarantee that your bearded dragon will pick one particular person as its favorite companion.

Do Bearded Dragons Miss Their Owners?

Many people wonder if bearded dragons miss their owners when they are away. It’s a valid question, as these creatures can form strong bonds with those who care for them.

But do bearded dragons actually miss us?

The answer is yes! Bearded dragons can become attached to their owners and may start to miss them when they are away for long periods of time.

They do love their owners and become attached to them similar to a dog or cat. When their owners leave, beardies often display signs of distress or loneliness.

Some will become more active than usual, while others might be less inclined to move around or eat.

In addition to physical behaviors, some studies have also indicated that beardies experience emotional responses similar to those felt by other animals such as dogs and cats – including feelings of separation anxiety when apart from familiar people or places.

There’s no doubt that these lovable reptiles get lonely without us too!


It’s clear that bearded dragons can form strong bonds with their owners, and share a special connection.

From watching you intently to licking your face, these beautiful creatures make it known just how much they love us. I believe that bearded dragons don’t just enjoy being around us – I think that they have favorites among us!

Spend time with your beardie friend by playing or taking care of them enough to create trust and bond between the of you. Your little friend might start to love you enough to miss you when you are away.