Can I keep my bearded dragon out all day

Can I keep my bearded dragon out all day?

Yes, you can. Either you keep you buddy outside in a secure enclosure or allow him to roam around only if youre around and keeping him under your supervision.

Did you know that bearded dragons can become stressed or even ill if they are exposed to too cool temperatures? That’s why it’s important to make sure they have access to warmth, especially when they are outside.

Here are Some Tips for Keeping Bearded Dragons Outside

  • Ensure that the temperature is suitable for your bearded dragon’s preferred temperature range.
  • Provide shade and shelter.
  • Never leave your bearded dragon unattended.
  • Avoid taking them out in the morning or after they’ve eaten.
  • Make sure the outdoor enclosure is secure and well-ventilated.

Factors to consider before keeping your bearded dragon out all-day

Juvenile Bearded Dragon
Credit: Ryan Francis

Before letting your bearded dragon roam freely outdoors, you should ensure that the conditions are suitable for its health and well-being. Factors like temperature and lighting requirements are crucial for a happy and healthy pet.

Bearded dragons need specific temperatures that mimic their natural habitat in Australia – around 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit during the daytime and 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit at night. This is important to consider when deciding whether to keep them outside or not since temperatures can vary throughout the day.

Food and water needs

Another essential factor to consider is food and water requirements. Bearded dragons need a diet that includes fresh vegetables, fruits, insects, or other protein sources.

Make sure there is plenty of food available for them while they are outside roaming around. Additionally, they require regular access to water since they will become dehydrated quickly if denied water for too long.

Safety concerns

Safety should always come first when considering whether or not to keep your bearded dragon outside all day. They could become preyed upon by other animals like birds of prey or cats who may see them as easy targets due to their small size.

Pros and cons of keeping your bearded dragon out all-day

Bearded Dragon
Credit: Rckr88

There are both benefits and drawbacks to keeping your bearded dragon outdoors for extended periods. Some of the advantages include exposure to natural sunlight, access to more space for exercise and exploration, and a reduction in the workload of cleaning their living space.

However, some potential cons include susceptibility to predators and exposure to extreme weather conditions.

While it is possible to keep your bearded dragon outside all day under the right circumstances, it’s vital to consider several factors such as temperature requirements, food and water needs, safety concerns, and pros and cons before making a decision.

By ensuring that all these factors are appropriately addressed beforehand, you can provide your pet with an enriched outdoor experience while keeping them safe and healthy.

Tips for keeping your bearded dragon out all-day

Creating a suitable outdoor enclosure

One of the most important factors to consider when creating an outdoor enclosure for your bearded dragon is the size and design. The enclosure needs to be large enough to allow your pet to move around freely, but not so large that it becomes difficult to monitor their behavior.

The ideal size would be at least 4 feet long, 2 feet wide, and 2 feet tall. You can use wood or PVC materials for the frame of the enclosure, which will provide stability and durability.

Materials to use

The materials used in the construction of your bearded dragon’s outdoor enclosure must also be suitable for their safety and health. The flooring should not only be non-toxic but also easy to clean because it can become dirty quickly due to feces or food debris from feeding.

Consider using sand or reptile carpet as flooring options as they are simple cleaning solutions for maintaining hygiene standards.

Adding features for enrichment

While designing an outdoor enclosure, you need to keep in mind that providing enough space is significant, but it is equally crucial that it has features that enhance enrichment activities; such features include basking spots, hideouts, and climbing structures.

These additions are essential in keeping your pet active by providing them with different areas where they can explore and play.

Providing proper care while outside

While keeping your pet outside all day may seem like a good idea at first glance, there are many things you need always keep in mind while caring for them outdoors just like indoors too.

This includes monitoring temperature and humidity levels as these two factors significantly affect their health; if these levels aren’t maintained correctly, it could lead to overheating or dehydration-related illnesses.

Monitoring temperature and humidity levels

In the outdoor enclosure, you need to have thermometers and hygrometers to monitor the humidity and temperature levels. The ideal temperature for a bearded dragon outside is between 80-95°F. You can use a basking light, UVB lighting, or other types of heating equipment to regulate the temperature in the enclosure.

Feeding schedule and nutrition requirements

Additionally, you also need to maintain their feeding schedule by ensuring they are getting enough food and water for proper health. Bearded dragons are primarily herbivores; thus, their diet should consist of leafy greens, vegetables & fruits like collard greens, kale, and strawberries among others.

It is also worth mentioning that while outdoors there are possibilities of wild bugs sharing your pets’ enclosure hence avoiding organic food would be wise.

Water availability

but equally important is providing access to drinking water all day long as they get dehydrated quite quickly in hot weather conditions.

Consider using water dishes that ensure accessibility while also remaining clean throughout the day. All these tips will help you keep your bearded dragon safe while providing a suitable environment outdoors for them to thrive healthily.

Alternatives to keeping your bearded dragon outside all-day

Bringing them inside during extreme weather conditions

While it might be tempting to keep your bearded dragon outside all day, there are times when it is not safe or feasible to do so. When temperatures drop below 65°F or exceed 90°F, it’s best to bring your pet inside.

A sudden drop in temperature could cause your pet to become lethargic and stop eating while overheating can lead to dehydration and heatstroke. Additionally, extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms or high winds can pose a hazard to outdoor enclosures.

When bringing your bearded dragon inside, make sure the enclosure is set up properly with appropriate lighting and heating sources. Keep their diet and hydration consistent with what they would receive outdoors.

Creating an indoor play area

If you don’t want to keep your bearded dragon inside its enclosure all day, consider creating a designated indoor play area for them. This can help provide mental stimulation and exercise while also allowing them more freedom than they would have in an enclosure.

When creating an indoor play area for your bearded dragon, choose a space that is safe and easily supervised.

Remove any potential hazards such as wires or toxic plants. Place logs and rocks for climbing opportunities and hide boxes for exploration.

It’s important to note that even when playing indoors, you should never leave your pet unattended for long periods of time as accidents can still happen. While keeping a bearded dragon outside all day can provide many benefits such as exposure to natural sunlight and fresh air, there are times when it’s not feasible or safe to do so.

Alternatives such as bringing them indoors during extreme weather conditions or setting up an indoor play area are great alternatives that allow you to ensure the safety and well-being of your beloved pet. By following these tips, you can give your bearded dragon the best of both worlds.


After careful consideration of the factors involved, it is clear that keeping a bearded dragon outside all day is possible but requires proper planning and attention to their needs.

Temperature and lighting requirements must be met, along with providing adequate food, water, and shelter. It’s also important to keep in mind the safety concerns and potential risks associated with outdoor enclosures.

Creating a suitable outdoor enclosure involves several considerations such as size, design, materials used, and features for enrichment. Once the enclosure is set up correctly, it’s essential to monitor temperature and humidity levels regularly.

Bearded dragons should also follow a feeding schedule that includes appropriate nutrition requirements and have access to clean water during their time outside.

If keeping a bearded dragon outside all day isn’t feasible or desirable for any reason, there are alternatives such as bringing them inside during extreme weather conditions or creating an indoor play area.

Overall, it’s essential to consider all the factors involved when deciding whether or not to keep your bearded dragon outside all day. With proper planning and attention to their needs and safety concerns, it can be done safely and provide an enjoyable experience for both you and your pet.