Meet Johns Beautiful Pet Jeremy An Adorable Female Bearded Dragon

Meet John’s Beautiful Pet “Jeremy”: An Adorable Female Bearded Dragon

John Legend won over an unexpected admirer during his visit to The Drew Barrymore Show on Friday. He serenaded the host’s pet bearded dragon with an amazing rendition of his 2013 hit ‘All of Me’, and it was so captivating that Barrymore was left floored.


The conversation then switched to their shared love of bearded dragons- Legend’s is named Sebastian, while Barrymore’s is called Jeremy. This prompted the crooner to treat their scaly companion to a special performance, delighting both the singer and the audience.

The singer’s soulful performance even managed to win over the reptilian audience member, leading to a moment of pure joy that neither Legend nor Barrymore will soon forget.

Barrymore posed her question to Legend: “Do you ever serenade Sebastian?” When Legend admitted he hadn’t, she suggested, “Perhaps you would serenade Jeremy if I brought him out here?”

The one and only Jeremy

Before anyone could catch their breath, Jeremy was brought out onto a petal-covered, miniature piano. Barrymore exclaimed, “I can’t believe this is happening! This is as good as it gets, Jeremy!”

Legend jokingly remarked, “Look at this gorgeous romantic piano! It’s really stunning. Jeremy’s almost undressed, like a Burt Reynolds pose.” Barrymore added with enthusiasm that Jeremy was “totally doing his best Burt Reynolds!”, and everyone had a great laugh.

Drew Barrymore collapses after John Legend serenades her pet bearded dragon

Legend then crooned to the tune of ‘All of Me’: “Jeremy / Oh Jeremy / Appreciate your curves and all your edges / all your perfect imperfections / Jeremy / Don’t do me wrong / You’re my beginning and my end / Don’t do me wrong, I’m winning / Oh Jeremy.”

Jeremy was unfazed by Legend’s incredible singing abilities, while Barrymore couldn’t help but express her excessive enthusiasm and immediately collapsed to the floor after the performance. She then spun her head around to the camera, displaying her surprised expression.

Barrymore show off her amazed expression on Legend's incredible singing abilities

Barrymore rose to her feet and directed her attention to Jeremy, the little lizard, to make sure that he had understood the tremendous honor bestowed upon them. She reassured him, saying, “Jeremy, you know this is the best it can get!” Turning to Legend, she expressed her gratitude, “Thank you so much!”

Legend gave a hearty laugh. “It’s a pleasure.”

In the video above, witness Legend serenading Jeremy.